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Being proactive in todays society

We have a great opportunity to impact a world that is only growing in dark thought and calling things that are evil, good. We have a choice to either sit back and let things play out or be proactive in engaging the communities that desperately need truth. Modern day ideas around sex, drugs and "God-absent" endorsements from todays media are convincing people of distructive paths that can and will destroy their ultimate lives and existence. If young women don't understand their value and worth, then they will be convinced that they are meant to be sex slaves and this is their value. Men who truly love women treat them with honor and respect. The build them up and value them as God's own daughters. Porn is literally shredding todays marriages, relationships and contorting sexual intimacy to the point where women feel it's their "duty" to perform these things. Sex is God's idea. He created this expression for marriage and deep expression of love not perversion. We need to rethink what we allow to become ' normal' in our society and in our relationships. My heart continues to break for women especially who have to contend with pornographic expectations of them in the name of 'intimacy'. quote from my friend Merry Bruton Our teams recently attended a porn convention for the 5 year. We find young girls who have been pursuaded to join this industry where their training in sexual intimacy is butchered by lustful men who seek to only use them and throw them away for their own self gratification. Upstairs there were all kinds of "bondage" items people can buy to reduce women to "slaves". There were even classes offered on how to do this. This year, our team asked these young "actors" three questions: 1) how did you end up in this industry 2) if you had unlimited resources what would you do besides this 3) what is your 1-2 year plan answers were pretty consistent 1) most were "shopped off of the internet" having posted some kind of "modeling" picture online. it was a tip off to parents to make sure what their kids are doing in the bedroom when no one is watching. some pictures were just innocent but the girls were contacted within 24 hours after posting to offer them a job making "lots of money" and fame. most were also from a home where sexual abuse or activity was happening. some were refered by a friend already in the industry. one had a sign stating in so many words that she had been abused by her family for their pleasure. when asked to tell about that sign, the girl said she did not want to get into it. absolutely heartbreaking 2) most wanted to travel and do humanitarian work. only a small percentage of the ones we talked to wanted to stay in the industry and make movies as a director and producer 3) sadly, most didn't have a 1-2 year plan. only a few had actually thought it through. there were classes offered on all kinds of things to train people in areas. one was how to do mind manipulation to make people be a "slave". this was just blatant witchcraft. our teams are there to no only minister to the girls but to find out what they are doing behind the scenes to cause this industry to suck so many people into it. it is obvious that some are trafficked and some are naive and young, some are victims of abuse since childhood, some have believed the lie of "fame and fortune" and have no moral compass to even figure things out, right from wrong. Our choice is clear. We can either choose to keep going to conference after conference where we hear the same kinds of things over and over, or we can chose to spend our time and money to be part of the answer to the imminent problem. This is our next generation, our daughters and grandaughters, sons and grandsons. Our voice can be heard and we can offer the truth to so many who are being lied to about sexual intimacy and life foundations. Truth will ALWAYS dispel lies and Light cancels darkness. Proverbs 31:16 16She considers a field and buys it; From her earnings she plants a vineyard. Let's consider the "field" we are offered. As mom's, grandmothers, fathers, brothers, sisters we have an incredible opportunity to be an answer to this ever growning epidemic. God is with us.

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