Creator of "Freedom Lounge." 

Outreaches and outreach centers where compassion and acceptance are FIRST.


Cindy is a wife, mother, grandmother, dream interpreter, spiritual coach and friend.

Her passion to help people find their lives’ purpose, receive healing from life’s trauma

and live their lives to the fullest, addressing the destructive issues  

people face today.  Cutting, suicide, drug addiction and the epidemic of sex traffiking and

sex addiction have consumed the minds of our world and have left them searching for REAL

answers to REAL life choices.




Cindy's  book, "What your Dreams are Telling You, Unlocking Solutions While You Sleep" is a popular

resource for helping people to unlock their dreams. She has listed many examples, stories and tools

that will assist you in the language of dream interpretation and help guard against over interpretation.  

Everyone dreams and many dreams are given to us for direction, warnings, self revelation and

spiritual guidance. Cindy has interpreted thousands of dreams at events in the United States and

abroad, including Porn conventions, Olympics, the Sundance Film Festival, Burning Man in the Black

Rock Desert of Nevada, other new age expos and festivals. Cindy has enjoyed appearing on various media, 

including radio and TV such as "Beyond reality radio" hosted by Jason Hawes (the Ghost hunter) and authored numerous articles for magazines and online media outlets. This is the perfect book for literally anyone.  




Cindy travels internationally, teaching on how to effectively engage the world we now live in with relevant language, understanding and a nonjudgmental approach to seekers everywhere. God has given her strategies on how to communicate Jesus to a world who doesn't know Him, His attributes and His heart for them. She is extremely effective in raising up teams of people who can be themselves and communicate the love of God in every place and every walk of life.  Using spiritual gifts, dream interpretation and creative ideas and strategies, Cindy helps people discover the hidden meanings behind their dreams and give them a chance to find hope and truth at their point of need.

The outreach efforts are creative, diverse, out of the box and Spirit led.  By determining to be sensitive and led by the Spirit, literally crowds of seekers gather to receive an encounter with the One who made them and those who are desperate to understand their purpose, identity and experience an "organic restart" marking their new lifes journey.  In 2011, Cindy and her team and were featured in Dreams, A Documentary, which chronicles live dream interpretation encounters that took place at the Sundance Film Festival at Park City, Utah, and won awards at various independent film festivals around the world.





Cindy is a popular conference speaker whose humor and real life stories create a captivating element to her speaking style.  As a motivational speaker, Cindy "lights the fire" of compassion and action for people to find their place in reaching the world who wander around without purpose and identity.  Cindy's real and transparent style of communication has effectively released others to be themselves and have REAL TALK about real issues and bring about a positive change to thousands of lives around the world.  To book Cindy for your upcoming conference, please go to the 'Activation' tab and click "Booking".  

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