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About Cindy McGill

Creator of "Freedom Lounge," outreaches and outreach centers where

compassion and acceptance are FIRST

Cindy McGill is a popular conference speaker, dream interpreter and equipper called to raise up teams of people who are passionate to connect others to their created purpose found only in their walk with Jesus. Cindy and her husband, Tim, were both saved in the Jesus Movement, and have served in a ministry capacity since the early 1970’s. Together they have pastored 4 churches, raised 2 daughters, and have had 5 beautiful grandchildren.

Cindy is a forerunner in building creative prophetic outreach teams that reach people who are found in places where today's church is not present and would never darken the door of a church. She has built, lead, and sent countless “grass roots” teams into places like the Burning Man festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, the Sundance film festival, as well as reaching young people inside the adult film industry with the hopes and intention of setting them back on course to reach their God-created purpose.


Aside from her vast presence in the field of outreach, Cindy is the author of “Words that Work”, “What Your Dreams Are Telling You” and “Field Guide-Methods to End the Madness”. She has appeared as a featured guest on Sid Roth— It’s Supernatural and the Victory Channel’s Kellie with Kellie Copeland. Cindy has been a regular conference speaker for the Her Voice Movement with Jenny Donnelly, Cindy Jacobs’s Deborahs United conference, and has partnered with Troy Brewer Ministries on a number of occasions; the list goes on and on... However, her greatest accomplishment is that she is a safe place and a wonderful friend to anyone seeking truth.

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