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The McGills are incredible activators to the body of Christ. I have worked with them for years, had them do multiple trainings at our church, spoken with them at conferences and I have been on outreach teams with them. They are some of the best equippers I have ever met and they do it out of love and deep care for those they minister with and to. Whether they are doing outreach, training intensives, speaking at your event, building teams, they do everything out of an amazing passion that demystifies the supernatural and creates easy on-ramps to evangelism and prophetic ministry. Cindy is an expert of dream interpretation and Tim is a profound teacher and intercessor, but they also have so much more because of the rich past experience in leading in so many different areas. There are many discipleship tools out there, but not many that come from the experience and love that Tim and Cindy offer. Our church family and my own personal life is forever changed by my experience with Tim and Cindy McGill. I highly recommend them to you.
Shawn Bolz, Senior Pastor of Expression58 in Los Angeles, Author of Keys to Heavens Economy & The ThroneRoom Company

Cindy McGill is a passionate lover of people... ALL people...and for the many years I have walked closely with her, I have always been impressed with her genuine zeal for reaching those trapped in deceptive darkness. She has effectively taught the Body of Christ how to authentically love and reach the lost for years. She is also one of the most creative ministers I know as she effectively clothes truth in ways that those not “churched” will understand. This book will open your eyes to many fresh and insightful concepts and tools. You might even identify some religious habits and patterns in yourself as you learn how to communicate the Good News in more effective ways.

Patricia King, XP Ministries
Cindy McGill is a personal friend and partner in ministry.  I have seen her with my own eyes be the incarnate love of Jesus in some of the darkest places on the planet.  As she ministers, the hardest of hearts are changed right before her eyes.  God has given her specific insights and revelation on how to reach those that most have given up on or find too offensive to reach.  As you listen to her portray the love of God and hear her testimonies, you will be changed and ignited to love the lost like never before.  I highly recommend her!!  You will be blessed beyond measure as you celebrate one of God’s favorites.
Bob Johnson, Bethel Church, Redding, California, IDignify
​Cindy McGill has been a forerunner and along side of me in the frontline trenches since 2002. She demonstrates God’s unconditional love to people in practical ways. Cindy has strong prophetic and dream interpretation gifts and the ability to communicate it to spiritual outcasts. I highly recommend her training and ministry!
Doug Addison - InLight Connection, Los Angeles, CA DOUGADDISON.COM
I want to commend Tim and Cindy McGill to you. These seasoned God chasers are amazing. If you want to learn how to fall in love with Jesus and take it anywhere and every where, invite these two to help train, demonstrate, and get empowered in the wisdom and revelation. They are rock solid yet fun and totally abandoned to the Lord. 
Denny Cline Sr. Pastor Jesus Pursuit Church, Albany, Oregon
I so love and admire Cindy McGill for her cutting edge, pioneering, go where no one else will go spirit. I know very few who have the courage to penetrate the level of darkness she does. Cindy provokes me to be more daring and courageous. Her work teaching dream interpretation is excellent and I don't know anyone better to impart powerful teaching and mentoring to any church or ministry.​ 
Barbara Yoder - Senior Leader Shekinah Regional Apostolic Center, Ann Arbor, Michigan
I had the privilege of joining Cindy McGill and her team on a retreat in Las Vegas at the Expo Porn Convention. It was an amazing experience to minister alongside Cindy and her team. Cindy had provided ample training for those of us who had not been in that atmosphere before. She gave our team relevant tools to use that would truly impact the people we were there to reach. This outreach not only impacted the ones working at the porn convention, but it also had a long-lasting impact on myself and our team members. A few our team continued to return to the porn convention to minister to those stuck in that industry. Thank you for providing that opportunity to reach a forgotten and difficult group of people. I would go again anytime with Cindy and her team.
Rhonda Bolling- Outreach Coordinator for XP/ Patricia King ministries
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