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Burning Man 2013

This was my eighth year at the Burning Man festival in the Black Rock desert of Nevada. Burning Man is a global festival that draws 68,000 people each year from around the world to experience a week long experience of free expression, art, and culture. This festival has gained popularity over the years and often draws many, many spiritually hungry people who are on a journey to find answers to life, love, and freedom. I went this year with a team of twenty-four who donate their time to come to the "playa" and offer hope, encouragement, and healing to the attendees at this event. At our theme camp, we offer a menu board of items to "scratch the itch" of those looking for answers in this confusing world. Our desire is to introduce people to Jesus by His attirbutes and character instead of His name (which often walls people up) and then allow them to just have a moment to experience His presence. This year our theme camp was very busy. At first event attendees came to our tent because of curiosity, but later on people came to us because of referral. People got rocked and their explaination of their encounters often caused them to describe the freedom they felt having just been touched by the One who made them. We were able to interpret dreams and show God's love to our theme camp "guests" and allow them to connect with the Future and Hope they have been longing for. Thanks to everyone who supported us. Videos from the event will be posted soon.

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