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This simple, highly practical field guide is a must read if you feel called to advance the Kingdom of God in this culture. As culture has changed in this new era, God has released new strategies from heaven's perspective to minister to the hearts of those who seem to be unreachable. The unfailing love of God must be demonstrated in ways that remove shame and condemnation. God loves everyone who is broken, angry, confused, misguided, hardened, or in any condition on life's journey.

In this short book you will receive instructional encouragement and enlightenment about the world that you live in so you can:

  • discover insights into God’s heart of love and compassion for those He has made
  • receive compassion to embrace people in whatever state they have found themselves 
  • learn to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth
  • be inspired to release God's love with creativity in various cultures
  • develop outreach teams that use words and methods that offer a new life to people who have been persuaded to live opposite of what they were made for

It is time to work with others in unity and allow the Holy Spirit to shift the atmosphere in counter-culture arenas. Do your part to end the madness in the world and lead people to the God who loves them.


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Methods to End the Madness: Proven Strategies & Creative Ideas ...

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