Cindy McGill  

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Cindy McGill

We do outreaches. LOTS of outreaches. In a time of deep darkness where people are starving for Truth and Light, the Freedom Lounge team of ordinary people with incredible hearts, are sent out into arenas where people gather and allow their Creator's kindness to flow out of them. Some people say we can't go here or we can't do that. My response is man, we've got to be about

our Fathers business.


 Shawn Bolz interviews Cindy McGill. Cindy has been heading up outreaches to almost forbidden places for the modern Christian to go: Burning Man, Porn Conventions, New Age Fairs, and Film Festivals. They created a ministry of releasing and equipping people to be a light and salt in some of the darkest places of the Western World. 

DOUG ADDISON's guest in this Spirit Connection episode is my good friend, Cindy McGill, who trains prophetic outreach teams to go into some of the darkest places all over the world, including the sex trafficking industry.

Dear Elijah List and ELIJAH STREAMS friends,

We have a double treat for you today — with Cindy and her husband Tim McGill! Many of you have heard of me speaking about Cindy McGill — that she is the real deal and really gets it! She is one who goes into the darkest places many wouldn’t go into — to share the Gospel and the love of Christ —and she uses her gift in “Dream Interpretation” as an open door to reach the lost.

PROPHETIC PANEL! Larry Randolph, Jamie Galloway, and Cindy McGill have joined Pastor Troy today for Prophetic Wednesday! At OpenDoor Church, Burleson TX

Larry Randolph, Cindy McGill, Jamie Galloway and Pastor Troy Brewer have insight into this new year and what the Lord is speaking to His church. At the end of this message there is an activation for you to declare for 2020. At OpenDoor Church, Burleson TX

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