Freedom Lounge Boot Camp


Outreach training - team dynamic, how to effectively reach your world, extreme events, counter culture, new thought and areas where the need is. Learn how to make life long friends who share the same heart and work together toward the common goal of reaching people trapped in darkness.  
develop teams, create effective tools that work where you go, learn non-religious language,
how to  fund raise 
how to work as a completely unified team
how to set up a booth and manage a booth.  
How to work in stealth mode which gives us access to people who are very guarded against Christianty.  

 we are "judgement/condemnation FREE" who reach people as "friends", looking on their hearts instead of their labels.  


Training + Outreach

$500+/person for team fee

Advanced outreach training to the Adult Industry/new age/festivals 

($-varies on outreach)

Go on an advanced outreach (several days long) into the adult entertainment industry, new age festivals and more. These will be teams ranging from 10-30 depending on the outreach where Cindy will go into the outreach with you and guide each team member. 

This type of training can be used in any outreach environment. 

***MUST have attended a Freedom Lounge Boot Camp to be considered for the outreach team***

Meet & Greet

Home meetings and smaller communities 


We do a one or two night meetings for communities, churches and small groups as an introduction to us and gather a group together to schedule on of the above workshops moving forward. Fun home meetings in informal setting with lots of interaction and personal ministry. We take up  a love offering and ask for people to give generously as this is how we can maintain our itinerate ministry schedule.  and all expenses for travel, lodging and meals are provided by the host gathering.   Contact me for scheduling.

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